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tv   Headline News  RT  January 5, 2014 1:00am-1:30am EST

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beyond the olympics which come. today on our team. the stories that dominated the week on our chief volgograd pays its last respects to the victims of a true terror attack while medics labor to save the lives of sixty five others including a three month old baby girl. sectarian slaughter in the central african republic proved too much for foreign troops to handle with reports of the beheading of children raising alarm at the u.n. . a low blow new york residents have a new reason to be wary on the streets as a potentially deadly game of violence spreads fear across the city. and the rules relax making it easier for internal migration the british get wary over a possible wave of unskilled workers and criminals calls for the prime minister to safeguard the borders go on he did.
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international live from moscow this sunday on and he said now a with our weekly program a look back at the top stories from this week well volgograd began the new year stricken by grief is the city mourned and buried the victims of two bombings during the last days of december thirty four people died in the attacks while twice that number remain in hospitals many in intensive care margaret howell has been keeping up with the condition of one of them the youngest terror victim. the guy is just three months old but she's found that life can be hard and unjust she was badly injured and a terrible terror attack she is now in an induced coma in intensive care clinging on to life what a good year as a baby girl remains in a coma we put her on
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a ventilator in intensive care also she sustained some light yet serious brain damage condition is very serious but we've got it under control on that dreadful morning of december thirtieth biko caught a fever and was on route to a hospital with her mother and grandmother when a powerful explosion rocked their trolley bus the three happened to be in the very epicenter the women died the infant survived it was blind luck the thick blanket she was wrapped in saved her from life threatening burns she was pulled from the wreckage in a critical condition only two days ago doctors allowed her to be airlifted to moscow's children's hospital so it's here in this hospital where baby bekah is receiving treatment for those endurance to her skull and her lungs she received in that blast. the family and friends little vico has left are torn between hope for
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her miraculous recovery and grief for their dad. did work you'd be very grateful to everyone who took part in the rescue of my girl to volgograd hospital doctors they performed the miracle return my daughter from the dead. thanks to all who haue transfer my daughter to moscow i hope my wife is safe now what kind of human being could see a newborn child on the bus and still carry out such an atrocity but now it's time to think of rehabilitation of so that she can leave a full life but there is a dynasty of doctors in our family and i hope she will grow up and become a doctor to place your mind you know her mother since she was a child she was a very talented creative girl it's very sad when people die in such sudden violent acts like this she had big plans like any young mother i believe that her baby will grow up will leave we will be helping her because mother and grandmother on the stasia and talk to yana are just two of the thirty four people who fell victim to
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two terror attacks on the railway station and trolley bus more than sixty injured are still in hospital the city remains in mourning in moscow margaret hello r t well doctors are cautiously optimistic about because for coverage will keep you up to date on her conditions as she recovers well speaking about the attacks guardian newspaper contributor neil clark told us it's paramount that russia and the west combine their anti terror efforts. the west has got to i think change its relationship with saudi arabia which is a major sponsor of a lot of these radical islamic groups around the world the west has got to realign its foreign policy the trouble is if you look at syria for example the west is actually on the same side as a terrorist because it's because of its relationships with large between sweetly saudi arabia and israel who both want that region and syria to be removed so i think we need a shift in the western capitals i think we need to get to work closer with russia because when there is closer cooperation we saw that with the boston bombings in we
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when we had the russian warnings about the south sorry no brothers were ignored by the americans because their game there was this tendency so it's russian warnings taken with peter salt and so unless the west does work cooperate more seriously with russia as equal partners in this battle against the radical terrorist groups you know that's the pressure that met that's the major shift that's got to happen and it's ok to have nato she's coming out today quite right and again this attack but are less there is this approach to russia more respectful approach instead of this on the one hand saying going to work with russia and other hand carrying out this cold war propaganda against russia that's the big should this will happen there. on our website we've got investigators the latest findings and opinion on who possibly staged the horrifying attacks and what the terrorists think they might gain and also be able to keep up to date on survivors conditions in hospital.
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rights groups say the situation in the central african republic is out of control amid horrifying reports of children being beheaded thousands of international troops are in the country but have failed to halt the bloodshed instead their presence appears to have emboldened christian mobs which are now lynching muslims in the capital refinish now winds what's at stake for france in this conflict. less than a year after french moods marched into mali france again is fighting in another of its former colonies in africa. that's it you're sure the situation in the central african republic is alarming if not frightening that you paris received a green light from the un security council to use military force to restore order after deadly ethnic russians in the country escalated. i have decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening this is eight hundred french
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soldiers were sent to the violence torn country to join the six hundred already deployed there on a force that france has no the most of them to save human lives and months later and lives are still being lost on all sides france's sixteen hundred strong force appeared and mabel to put an end to ethnic tensions dating back to the central african republic independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty four three fronts form a monopoly is responsible for helping to create in africa a number of totally artificial states like ca are and now they jump in with this operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically do. dangerous scandalous from a human perspective and lead to zero results that zero results if we are talking bringing stability to the country but alan krueger been president of france is new and to capitalist party believes there is more to paris his decision to intervene
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with your of france used the pretext of human rights but in fact it was aimed at protecting its economic interests the c.a.r. is rich in resources but it mostly has value due to its strategic location in the center of a vast and rich area so it's eventually all about dominating and controlling the entire region. but others see the african country central location on the continent as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french military mission of securing the entire region. france and other european countries are threatened by islamic radical and terrorist groups that are now decentralized and developed in the belt from the murshid teenie a coast to somalia. and french troops deter these dangerous forces and also prevent pirates and drug traffickers from uniting. but would both critics and advocates of the french military operation in the central african republic equally agree on is
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that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authority's decision to get involved it's the french people footing the bill that was. the operation only became needed as there was a failure of diplomacy in politics in the c.a.r. a failure of the un the african union economic community of central african states and the you know who pays for this pricey campaign french taxpayers. surveys show less than half of the french population supposed to countries latest new two explanation to africa pushed forward by france's least vocal the president in calling history well more than a thousand french soldiers are now in the central african republic here in paris the intervention into the country's former colony still gets a mixed reaction no one's really sure if it's an act of goodwill or a calculated move to benefit fronts. results not seen reporting from paris.
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or carline climber who is an emergency manager for doctors without borders says the violence is so bad her organization has been forced to withdraw staff the finances just spiraling out of control people are so angry there's a lot of free fence feelings there's a lot of hate feelings that the two communities are really angry and fearful i mean people are so scared there that even makes them a caress if we had people discriminates in the hospital who came there to attack patients inside the hospital our teams are witnessing that bodies on the streets every day and the shooting is so bad that even our clinic at all to continue in its normal ways we can no longer treatments ration we have still one or two doctors in the camp just to take care of the heavily injured people but it's almost impossible for doctors without borders to continue its work at this moment. well they've been labeled as thugs and criminals by somebody increasingly they're getting elected
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extreme groups across europe are looking forward to a successful two thousand and fourteen as far right politicians look to turn branding economic hardship into votes will tell you more coming up. and shedding light on the games report on the unique illuminations for the winter olympics and the work it took to make sochi shine. while the rough and tumble of new york streets are known for their magnanimity and now citizens have a new tech. discovered the police seem unable to do anything about it. you're walking down the street minding your own business and without warning police say they are investigating yet another knockout attack attackers mainly in their teens targeting victims at random it's called the knockout game the goal of this violent and twisted so called game is to knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch feared phenomenon across the nation the ongoing brutality has
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claimed lives in at least three u.s. states here in new york city more than ten people have been randomly assaulted among the youngest a twelve year old student among the oldest seventy six year old woman was walking along warman avenue when a man struck her in the head this man too scared to show his face on camera says he was attacked last month while walking home from work they surrounded me and one of them as i tried to get away one of them stepped out towards me. and. with their clothes this hit me in the face in some cases suspects have been arrested and charged however exacerbating the problem these videos uploaded on you tube have been viewed by millions raising concerns about copycat attacks many knockouts have taken place in broad daylight as victims were walking through their own neighborhoods and as the n.y.p.d.
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a department of thirty four thousand officers continue struggling to curb the string of violence citizens are seeking alternatives to stay safe. former n.y.p.d. officer rabbi gary moskowitz is offering his seventh degree black belt skills for free to knock out victims and others seeking protection we're going to someone who works worker you must learn how to be a where you're more for how to fight if some girls were time for the knockout attacks are for him and for him ready to moskowitz believes are likely motivated by gang initiation something the. the n.y.p.d. hasn't officially acknowledged if ignored because the guy who had a problem is they have to really try to curb all the guns and they can't do that so for three or so a long time they don't want to put a name on something right away because if they put a name one of them they have to go away or through archie reached out to the n.y.p.d. to find out what america's most powerful police department is doing to combat the knockout epidemic our questions and interview requests were ignored it is not fair
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to ask any police department to be able to be assigned to everybody in the shrewd they can't protect. us from new york city streets the big apple's mass surveillance system does actually allow officials to know where and when many of the crimes are occurring but so far filming the knockouts hasn't helped to prevent them marina. new york this is new year's day britain's been braced for a flood but this has nothing to do with the storms battering the country right now the u.k. fears a massive influx of eastern europeans now the e.u. wide immigration rules are relaxed and it's probably book reports people's biggest concerns are a wave of unskilled workers and criminals leading up to the new year the british government hadn't released any estimates about the number of remain ians ambo gary and that they expected to arrive in britain now that immigration restrictions have been lifted for them that since he hasn't done much to allay the fears of the
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british public. and although romanians and bulgarians now have every right to live and work freely anywhere within the european union skepticism and public concern say the mass immigration a written all time high what are you currently doing to stop the influx of non skilled workers in from the e.u. planning to do we've made absolutely sure that it's not possible for people to come here simply to claim benefits to a putting a brace very tough measures in controls for the latest report by the institute of public policy research dismissed these as symbolic gestures saying the person can cope with very many and ambo garion migration according to the paper instead of
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alarming the public the government may need to implement some minor contingency measures in order to help schools and housing stretch this deadline has been known about for precisely seven years so the idea that we should be rushing around power making about it now it's completely absurd it's quite important for politicians to step back and explain that this is not the end of the world but on the whole immigration and indeed free movement within europe and you know been quite beneficial to the u.k. economy remaining in diplomats to say that their citizens are deeply offended by that portrayal as scroungers and criminals in the u.k. press they point out that most of their citizens are hardworking and will contribute to british society something that economists had a happy to back off be a real believer that says the migration to britain has made positive both in terms of cultural enrichment and economic enrichment we have to remember that one point
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six million britons british nationals are working for you and they enjoy the benefits of that so if we start setting up you shouldn't draw benefits for migrants we can expect a quick cool cool despite the talk politicians. off token the top annoyed headlines fans of the flood of migrants have been dismissed as nonsense and according to remain in officials most of that country men would prefer to live in spain or italy anyway judging by the weather head who can blame them plenty boy see london. more news coming up after a short break. i'm
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. wealthy british style. time right let's go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r t.
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sochi two thousand and fourteen promises to be an impressive sporting spectacle but one of the challenges is defeating the darkness of midwinter to bring my side takes a look at making the olympics light up. the eyes of the world will be on sochi come february the seventh and frantic work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure the lifting venue sparkle not just for the crowds but for millions of t.v. viewers around the world for the lighting technicians it's been a mess of undertaking blush media for us this is one of a kind technology and design in the world that isn't even the manufacturers who initially claimed it was similar to some other models because of finally admitted our installations are totally unique in other words this is an experimental model that will set a benchmark for the whole world this electric cutting lighting was months in the making the olympic committee found the brightest and best engineers who came up
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with a unique design for every stadium l.e.d. lights was selected for danger ability they made to last for a century but also put their college changing wall factor in for such a shield such installations are temporary solution for various sports competitions but this one is hopefully going to stay for quite some time it is based on the cutting edge technology and totally new software that the world has yet to a dog. off to dog park stadium becomes a scene not worrying ice storms and tumbling snowflakes the ice back sports palace turns into a giant aquamarine wave the atlas skating rina a million giant was shimmering rainbow colors the first stadium will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies and the preparations are for the light sherry's are being kept carefully under wraps but the crowd were of like technicians is the ice
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palace this evening i've been given the honors of switching on the lights here at the olympic park stadiums with this smartphone and it's has to have a button let's see what the magic of technology candy. and what a lot of the kaleidoscope a mob of carloads and i'm a rod of blood men's lives and of course a right here in the snow and she between on the black sea and the beautiful white capped mountains i'm to almost a coming to you from the olympic park in sochi already. as the clock ticks towards the seventh of february will bring you more on what the city has in store for its guests stay with our team internet. searches for the twenty fourteen olympics was this boy's life and why is it so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games should be in the
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city's present and future one more sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous stuff yet beyond the olympics what the bomb might say. on our team. from embattled greece to indebted france europeans are being drawn to the far right the small signs of economic growth aren't enough to prevent voter swinging to the extremes peter oliver takes a closer look at a continent in search of new answers to tough problems. from the d.l. in britain in the north to golden dawn in greece and the south far right groups are making their voices heard in europe. this financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they were crude greece has
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seen a marked increase in support of the far right and neo nazi groups golden dawn and organization the right did by their critics is hooligans and third heralded by their supporters as the savior for greece for the greeks and they systematic and not only preach and cultivate. but they type systematic and. present golden dawn have made it the most they have elected officials on their books including current greek m.p. elias custody out us it's not only in politics that extreme right to abuse a permeating this goal celebration by. athens just kept the artists so the midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what the salute meant but the clearest indicator of the popularity of the far
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right will be when europeans go to the polls in may to vote in the e.u. parliamentary elections one of those parties on the rise in france's muddying lipans national front. on the european people are realizing that the use in them part the soviet union in fact is destroying their freedom despite insistences that they want to take part in the political discourse we've seen repeated violent clashes involving these groups even in some of the most stable nations like austria where around a third of people voted for parties that are considered the right wing in a recent election. so we need to slow down immigration i have nothing against foreign us but enough is enough. to e.u. is saying where the money should go to allow again who can't work countries on its own country and it used to wouldn't be like. dictate everything.
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else it used to be that party's interest spruced and the e.u. second now it's only. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more its people are seeking answers and the right key to all of it all to you jim. he is a ologists who says far right politicians are offering fear but not viable solutions to the financial crisis is really the key least in my these parties have gained support in recent years that the crisis has led to distrust of politicians is it has led to distrust of immigration or immigrants i think what they're offering is not a very concrete alternative in terms of policy in terms of economic policy support for these parties is really based on you know and dislike of the established
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political regime whatever that is and so people are looking for some alternative and these parties come in and provide that but i don't think it's clear to people what they actually represent or what the consequences of their policy would be. coming up next hour to boycott her debts chew over the health hazards of obesity and the challenges facing. the. economic up and downs in the final months day but the deal sank night and the rest because i will be taking it will be every week on the.
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show to one of the twenty florida teen olympics was this boy's learning. this is so special as the russian resort prepares to logan the world power the game should be the city's present and future of ludlow sochi will bring you this is the moment there are reports you for a look very cold and snowy windy mountain is still beyond the olympics what to say. today. hello and welcome to worlds apart if you are a westerner there is one in two chance that you started this year by promising yourself to lose weight interestingly big data on new year's resolutions and diets
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almost identical more than nine in town fail so is the living in the slimmer health care self just as childish as believing in santa while to discuss that i'm now joined by john michelle kwan a prominent fashion attrition in that. the parisian diet thank you very much for your time sir now i know that your interest in nutrition stems from your childhood here were a kid and you decided to overcome that by powering yourself acknowledge now you try to share that knowledge with other people but i think once we know for a fact scientific fact now is that diet simply don't work what works is knowing basic principles of nutrition and applying them through all of your lives so i wonder why do you think people need to buy your book when they can go online and learn everything they need to know about nutrition about metabolism about food free
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of charge because i believe that it is enough to get so much. and i believe in people and they expect that reading this book they are becoming their own meaning. but how is your diet the parisian diet different from all other dies that you just referred to as a fad diet because there are three people last the first one is that i wanted to get this very flexible the second one is this is a fact that this is sustainable because the time during the thing is probably the men time you can learn the tradition and. they want to keep the people of their enjoyment even when dating but isn't a dick is that all. inventors of diet including yourself.